Colon Cleanse Detox

Colon Cleanse Detox

Discover the truth about the colon cleanse detox, a vital step in body cleansing and detoxification for good health, weight maintenance and vitality for all of your life. Learn how performing a natural colon cleanse (detox) can vastly improve your body's intestinal health while helping to prevent digestive disorders and safeguard you from the possibility of contracting a whole range of medical conditions and illnesses.

What is Colon Cleansing?

Colon cleansing is not a new idea. As far back as ancient Greece, enemas were recommended for most illnesses. Although they didn't work for everything, they worked for enough things to keep on being used for thousands of years. When you stop to consider that some medical experts estimate that people have between 5 to 15 pounds of fecal matter lining their intestinal walls, you can see it becomes necessary to know how to cleanse your colon.

What You Should Know About Colon Cleansing

colon before after cleanseThere is an old Chinese saying that death begins in the colon. That's because they understood something that we've seemed to have forgotten in the modern age.

Responsibility for storing and excreting waste is the exclusive territory of the colon. However, with our modern stressful lifestyle of poor diet, little exercise, and highly toxic environment, natural bowel movements can sometimes seem like the stuff fiction is made of.

However, it doesn't have to be that way. There are ways to restore your natural bowel movements, even without going to a doctor. These types of ways are known as colon cleansers or more specifically natural colon cleansing products.

So now we'll take a look at some modern colon cleansers.

Types of Colon Cleansing


Enemas are one of the oldest types of colon cleansers. Essentially, an enema can purge waste from the lowest parts of the colon, the parts you can reach. This is a remedy you can use at home, and is available in every major drugstore.

However, it's not as efficient as a professional application.


Colonic hydrotherapy is a fairly new practice in comparison to some of the other methods. However, a colonic hydrotherapy should be done by a licensed practitioner. This method uses a disposable tube that goes up the rectum, irrigating it with filtered water.

This not only helps loosen the fecal matter stuck to the side, it can often help impacted bowels.

Oxygen-based Pills

Oxygen-based colon cleanse products are most often in capsule form. Most bacteria cannot survive an abundance of oxygen, and these types of cells create an oxygen-rich environment, which causes most types of bad bacteria and microscopic parasites to die.

Additionally, the oxygen helps remove the built-up fecal matter.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are the most common type of colon cleansing products. The supplements, often sold as ‘colon detox' or ‘digestive health' programs combine the characteristics of several herbs to do something together that a single herb cannot do alone.

Oftentimes, herbal supplement detox programs will include things like probiotics, antiparasitic capsules, as well as other formulas designed to break up the fecal matter lining your intestinal walls. Additionally, these colon cleansing products can encourage natural bowel movements that last long after the detox is over.

Symptoms that Tell You that You Need To Cleanse

symptoms you need a colon cleanse detoxThere are many reasons to use a colon cleanse. Most often, people who are suffering from constipation, frequent diarrhea, gas or abdominal pain are the ones most likely to use a colon cleanser. This is a clear digestive problem and one that most bowel cleansers can handle.

However even if you think your digestion is fine, you still might be able to benefit from a colon cleanse. In addition to the obvious digestive problems, there are other, less obvious problems that can also be caused by an overburdened colon.

A weakened immune system is one of the most prevalent symptoms of needing a colon cleanse. If you have frequent infections, especially in the bladder, kidney, urinary tract, or frequent ear infections, you might have an overtaxed colon. After all, if your body is spending all its time fighting toxins within, it can't handle any toxins from the outside.

Acne, rashes, and dermatitis are other symptoms that can often be cleared up with a colon cleanse. Your skin is your biggest filtering organ. When your liver, kidneys, and colon can do their job right, they send these toxins to the skin, where they erupt as skin conditions.

Frequent yeast infections, either in the vaginal areas, under your arms, breasts or in your mouth indicate the presence of a type of fungal infection known as Candida. If left untreated, candida can find its way into your bloodstream where it causes even more damage. It can lead to an overall feeling of being tired, in pain, or hung-over, (even if you had nothing to drink).

These are just a few of the symptoms that can be cleared up with a colon cleanse. It's important to know that constipation is not part of a natural bowel movement. If you're constipated on a semi-regular basis, then you definitely need to take action. Frequent constipation has also been identified as one of the causes of colon cancer.

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